Design Ecology And Green Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Design Ecology And Green Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

Green design is based on the environment and the protection of environmental resources as the core, to protect human eco-environment, safeguarding human health for the purpose of design concepts and behavior. This design is based awareness of energy waste, environmental pollution and ecological damage in the development of their industrialization. Green Design concept worldwide, designed according to the following principles: to save energy, focus on development from the perspective of resource conservation products and services, such as energy, water, materials, etc.

Technical application of research findings; reduce pollution through a focus on reducing decontamination purposes diameter develop products and services, such as CFC-free refrigerators, lead-free ink, green packaging; recovery. Namely the implementation of green design, so that products can be refurbished and recycling, minimizing discards, while turning waste into treasure, the most comprehensive utilization of resources; eliminate pollution, that is, focus on. In purification ecological environment, improve the quality of life and the development of products and services.4R (Recovery (recovery), Recycle (recycling), Reuse (reuse), Reduce (reduction) Concept constitutes one of the modern environmental design (green design) connotation. This design approach is fully consider the characteristics of the products, raw materials and products easy to disassemble the various parts of the waste products the material or damaged parts can be recycled, recycling or reuse. 4R concept of green design as a production strategy, will create a "less, fine quality and avoid environmental pollution" green design culture.


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