Dark Countertops VS Light-Colored Countertops

- May 22, 2018 -

Dark Countertops VS Light-Colored Countertops

Dark countertops of kitchen cabinets

1.Resist Dirty

The most important thing for cooking is washing vegetables, chopping vegetables, cooking, and tableware. Water stains when washing vegetables, flying leaves when cutting vegetables, and seasoning spilling when cooking make the light-colored countertops look like a battlefield.

The dark color means that the effect of water stains is minimal, and once cleaned up, it will be as smooth as new. If it is a procrastination patient, it does not hurt to clean it in a day or two.

2. Material color, more noble

Some countertop materials are dark colors, such as granite and marble. They are natural, and the whole piece is carved into a tabletop. This deep color brings a sense of noble luxury and natural atmosphere.

Because "noble" not only allows the cookery to attach importance to the cooking process, but also brings a noble psychological hint.

3. With kitchen cabinets

Like clothes, dark colors represent calm atmosphere and quiet restraint.

Dark-colored countertops + light-colored cabinets with white and black classics, and most manufacturers will not set the cabinet color to dark, because cabinets occupy 50% of the kitchen's overall area, too much dark color appears to suppress dark.

The elegant white kitchen cabinets and walls form the main theme of the light color, and a touch of dark colored table tops is embedded in them, which is the finishing touch.


Light-colored countertops of kitchen cabinets

1. Inverse psychology, light-colored countertops may be cleaner

Sometimes, people's rebellious psychology produces wonderful effects. It is because of the "light" color that everyone pays attention to the cooking process and cleaning and maintenance, and the hard-working habits are developed.

For the housewife, despite her hard work, her subjective initiative has been greatly improved, and the mesa has been kept clean. Perhaps the overall hygiene quality of the kitchen cabinets will be subtly improved.

2. The material determines the color, light-colored fresh modern

In modern kitchens, acrylics or quartz stones are mostly used in countertops. Most of the double veneers on the market are mainly light-colored, fresh and bright, not as dark and old-fashioned. Small kitchens may encounter blind areas of light, and the reflective capabilities of the light-colored countertops come in handy.


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