Dark Countertop VS Light Color Countertop

- Jul 14, 2018 -

Dark countertop VS Light color countertop

Dark countertop

1.Resistance to dirty

The most important thing to cook is to wash vegetables, cut vegetables, cook and cut dishes. The water stains when washing vegetables, the leaves flying when cutting vegetables, and the condiments spilling during cooking make the light-colored countertops seem like battlefields.

The dark color indicates that the effect of water stains is minimal, and the last time it is cleaned up, it will be as clean as new. If it is a procrastination patient, it will not be cleaned for a day or two.

2. Material color, more noble

Some countertops are dark, such as granite and marble, and they are made into a table with a little carving. The feeling of this dark color is noble and luxurious.

Because of "noble", not only allows the cooks to pay attention to the kitchen, but also brings valuable psychological hints.

3. Match with cabinets

It's like dressing up, dark color means the atmosphere is steady, quiet and restrained.

The black and white countertops + light cabinets are black and white with classic white, and most manufacturers do not set the cabinet color to dark, because the cabinets occupy 50% of the overall kitchen area, too many dark colors appear to suppress darkness.

The elegant white cabinets and walls form a light-colored main theme, and a dark countertop is set in it, which plays a finishing touch.

Light color countertop

1. Rebellious psychology, light colored countertops may be cleaner

Sometimes, people's rebellious psychology produces wonderful effects. It is precisely because the color is "shallow", so everyone pays attention to the cooking process and cleaning and maintenance, and the hardworking habits are developed.

For the housewife, although the hard work, but the subjective initiative has greatly improved, always remember the cleanliness of the countertop, maybe the overall health quality of the kitchen will be subtly improved.

2. Material determines color, light and fresh and modern

In modern kitchens, most of the countertops are made of acrylic or quartz. Most of the double-panel panels on the market are mainly light-colored, fresh and bright, not darker than old. Small kitchens may encounter blind spots in light, and the reflective power of light-colored countertops comes in handy.

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