Combinations Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Combinations of kitchen cabinets

After a general understanding of the production drawings, we can start combining the kitchen cabinets. First of all, let’s count the number of packages. Then, open the packages. The packaging is divided into four categories, to include the cabinet bodies, the door panels, the countertop and the accessories.

Let us open the packaging of each cabinet one by one and put all cabinet panels in order according to their dimensions. After sorting all the panels, install the jointing screws on the sides of the panels. Find the panels of the correct sizes and assemble them according to the drawings. The method of assembly is the same as mentioned in previous chapters. Count the number of cabinets after assembly to ensure the number of the cabinets is correct as specified on the drawings.

Check out the quantity of cabinets and then install the hinges on the door panels. Put the base cabinet on the floor with the back panel facing downward. Find the correct door panels by referring to drawings.

In the end, place the door panel on the side panel of the cabinet. Align the door panel with the bottom panel of the cabinet and secure the hinges on the system holes of the side panels of the cabinet. The assembly of the cabinet is completed.

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