Cabinets Prices Is A Foregone Conclusion, 2018 Will Usher In Price Tide!

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Cabinets prices is a foregone conclusion, 2018 will usher in price tide!


First, China will start January 1, 2018 green tax


2018.1.1 Starting to levying a green tax will inevitably increase the cost of enterprises. As the cost increases, it means various price increases, GDP growth year after year, and wages rising year after year. Coupled with inflation, coupled with a bit of pursuit of quality of life , Combined with reality, price increases is the inevitable result.


Second, the most stringent order in 2017 history


Starting from 2017, the government started a grand inspection of environmental protection and the reshuffle of the market in 2017 showed us the determination of the government to manage the environment and brought tremendous impact on the manufacturing industry.


Third, the state announced "limit order", all raw materials rose up to 10%!


According to the "work program for the management of vehicle transport vehicles," highway entrances will be strictly controlled. Since September 21, no double-lane vehicle transport vehicles have been allowed to enter the expressway and diversionary measures should be implemented at the same time. By July 2018, non-compliant vehicle carriers were banned from the freeway. Those who rely on overloading to save costs will no longer exist in the enterprise. The price of cardboard boxes went up by more than three times. The alumina exceeded the mark of 3,000 yuan. The prices of zinc oxide, zirconium silicate, frit, thinner, chlor-alkali and so on surged. Coal and silt materials were also ready to go.


Fourth, all prices, labor costs will increase


Rising prices and increasing cost of living coupled with the shortage of renovated skilled workers make it increasingly rare for young people to choose this industry, resulting in a shortage of staff. The wages of basic decoration workers are naturally rising.


In the home improvement involved in the types of work, cabinets workers labor costs rose particularly evident last year at this time a common cabinet chef daily salary of 300 yuan / day, but this year has generally risen to 350 yuan / day, some good old word of mouth Master even reached 400 yuan / day.


Fifth, cabinets nationwide prices


For sudden price increases, Mr. Zhang Meishan City, a dealer said they would certainly hope that manufacturers prices can be stable, because most dealers should not manufacturers prices up immediately raise the retail price, the terminal competition is too intense, plus now its own off-season , It is estimated that prices will also look at market conditions, but this time because of collective environmental protection price increases, but also to understand and cooperate with manufacturers behavior.


As the new rules to prevent overloading transport, freight rose 35%, raw material prices, fuel prices, etc., will lead to nationwide cabinet prices! This year to prepare the decoration of consumers if you want to avoid the price increases brought by rising shipping costs, cabinets need to buy in advance!

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