Cabinet Inspection .five Steps To Go Small Details Can Not Be Ignored

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Cabinet inspection .five steps to go small details can not be ignored

1, Countertops

Cabinet counter is a place commonly used in everyday life, so remember to be careful during the acceptance of the process, did not meet the standards will add to the daily life of the future a lot of trouble. The combination of countertops and cabinets should be stable, can not be loose situation, to ensure that the installation has a good level of degree, if the countertops are artificial stone, artificial stone countertops should be seamlessly spliced. Countertops smooth, smooth, to ensure that there is no obvious scratches, tile wall and the back of the water gap should be less than 3mm, then use sealant closed.

2, To the cabinet

The specific location of the cabinet must be strictly with reference to the design drawings to install, do not arbitrarily change the location of the cabinet, after all, the cabinet is installed after many measurements and planning layout made of arbitrary changes in orientation will lead to the layout of the entire kitchen Affected. Check the outer surface of the cabinet has any scratches, indentation and other damage, the door switch is intact, the handle height is uniform, closed if there is a clear gap, if it is equipped with a sink cabinet, the floor to be waterproof Aluminum foil. The use of vertical measuring cabinet to check the vertical and horizontal cabinet to prevent the cabinet shift and so on.

3, Hanging cabinet

On the cabinet installation, be sure to be firm, pay attention to avoid tilting phenomenon, and the wall at the fit of the screw must be greater than M8, so as to ensure that the load-bearing capacity of the cabinet is sufficient. Other aspects of the precautions can refer to the cabinet.

4, Hardware

Acceptance, hardware accessories is very important, we must check whether the brand and style is the style agreed before, to be replaced, for hardware requirements, as long as the assurance, there must be no sharp, high quality, corrosion-resistant oxidation, strong and durable Can be, in hardware accessories, drawer drawer acceptance is particularly important, to ensure that the installation is firm, we must repeatedly switch the verification is smooth, there is no extra sound. Drawer gap must be uniform, if the pull basket can be automatically closed after 20mm opened, it proved that the weighing capacity is good.

5, Other

The installation of cabinets also includes the installation of sink and stoves and other parts, on the specific size of the sink and stove that should be based on the size of the cabinet to the rational installation of the home, the sink and the table where the fit must be sealed with glue, faucet Installation to ensure solid, there are pipelines and connections can be smooth, to ensure that no leakage occurs. On the hood, according to the specific size of the cabinet size and then adjust the position.

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