Cabinet Annual Meeting: National Environmental Protection Ministry Of Cleaner Production Center Director Zhou Changbo Interpretation Of Environmentally Friendly Production

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Very honored to be invited by the organizers to attend this annual meeting. We just made a speech, President Pan, people are rich and handsome, we are last night, I was in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the afternoon to attend a seminar on cleaner production industry, and then came to us, there is no grooming , So looks old.


 The topic to be said today is the assessment of environment-friendly technology in the home industry and green development proposals.

 I introduce to you from four aspects, furniture industry governance model look forward to, environment-friendly, material pavement technology assessment, furniture industry green development policy recommendations. According to the research report of the International Industrial Research Center, our country occupies 39% of the global production capacity, which is already the first furniture manufacturer in the world. The furniture manufacturing industry has become a big consumer industry besides automobiles and housing.


In the current air pollution has become a hot spot for everyone, the atmosphere of this piece of pollution sources, industrial parks, agricultural parks, industrial parks is an important part of the painting industry should be a big contributor to the current furniture manufacturing industry pollutants, In our shop where the proportion of 25%, should be said that the rapid development of home manufacturing industry at the same time, pollution is facing a major test.


A total of 60,000 Chinese furniture manufacturing enterprises, enterprises above designated size is more than 5,000, 109 large-scale enterprises, furniture manufacturing enterprises in general large scale, decentralized, high operating costs. Our furniture industry is facing tremendous pressure on the environment, how governance? Is nothing more than three aspects: 1, the end of governance. 2, the source of reduction; 3, process control. We all know that the end of governance costs are too high, if it is completely compliance costs are very high. If it is a process control, the final total return to the end of treatment, the source of reduction is currently a solution to the VOC emissions in the furniture industry the best way, water-based paint and coating, powder coating.


I introduce these several coatings. Through the advantages of these three coatings, the shortcomings of this one, we conducted a comparison, I briefly introduce the introduction. Water-based paint this one, it has the advantage of fast drying time, high efficiency, without any smell. The disadvantage is the production of mercury. Outsourced coating is high mercury content, high efficiency, low cost, but the disadvantage is that color can not be controlled, the mill production is poor. Powder coating, its toxicity, solvents and volatile toxic substances is large, causing the powder can be reused, high efficiency, powder coating safety, but the use of high temperature, easy to deformation, cracking, powder coating.


From an environment-friendly assessment, we mainly include solvent-based inflation in terms of environmental protection and energy consumption as well as VOC emissions. We can also see that it is very high in content but hardly consumes natural air. ,Can be ignored. Water-based paint, a large number of reduced VOC, but need to dry, need energy, which means that the VOC emissions. Exterior paint This one compared to water-based paint, its VOC content is very low, low emissions, but it is also very large energy consumption. Powder coating, it means that the toxic gas is greatly reduced.


After this assessment, we come to the conclusion that the green development of the furniture industry, the first active use of environmentally friendly paint, coating the existing high cost of paint technology, and inefficient, can not meet the energy saving emission reduction in the furniture industry Requirements, advocating home improvement manufacturing technology upgrades, the active use of water-based paint, which is from the paint application advice.


Second, to promote the upgrading of painting technology. Environmental protection to be produced, through two modes to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, in terms of large-scale enterprises to upgrade the production line independently, for small and medium-sized enterprises can establish a centralized coating plant. Painting factory, here I briefly introduce the advantages of coating factory, which can give full play to the effect of large-scale enterprises, PPP mode, a variety of modes of simultaneous operation, reducing the pressure on operating costs of small and medium enterprises to promote local industrial upgrading and promote Furniture industry supporting upstream and downstream enterprises.


Due to the time, it is impossible to expand. I come from the environmental protection system, I am still facing so many businesses here, I still elaborate my point of view, I think we should develop the next business to pay great attention to the issue of environmental protection, how to say? Because our "Nineteenth Congress" has just ended, "the 19th National Congress" clearly sets out to the height of ecological civilization construction and also raises a question that is the basic social contradiction that China now faces. The basic contradiction in present China is that the people are growing more and more beautiful The demand for life and its increasingly unbalanced and inadequate contradictions should be that China was almost an agrarian society before the 1980s. At that time, the problem it faced was to develop its productive forces. If you want to encourage everyone's development from an inexperienced development, After 40 years of development, China has achieved pride in its achievements and has many iconic products. But the process of development is also paid a high price, including the frequent exposure to some hazy weather, we drink water, we eat food, and now we are here and many entrepreneurs, we have money, we can drink mineral water , Can drink bottled, I can go outside to wear masks, you can eat organic video, can be installed at home air purifier, but the ordinary people is difficult to achieve, water, air and food are the basic elements of human existence, but now change Become a scarce commodity for everyone. Therefore, from this perspective, the current environment has become an important factor restricting the development of China, especially the industrial constraints.


In particular, after the "19th National Congress" put forward the basic social contradictions, some of our enterprises also attach importance to it. Before, China encouraged you to develop. Nowadays, there are even more Chinese enterprises. If you want to develop, you should not let you develop and develop in a green way. You do not attach importance to this one, may be the next step will face a very serious problem. For now, after the promulgation of China's "Environmental Protection Law," the "Environmental Protection Law" has become increasingly stringent. Many scholars and many enterprises find it impractical and possible and so strict. However, judging from these two years, At the same time, China's environmental standards are becoming more stringent. China's environmental standards are not strict before, and now there, some are more stringent than ever before the emission index is getting lower and lower, the previous control of conventional pollutants, it is to control the very pollutants, so we are facing pressure getting bigger.


 One more thing. Yesterday afternoon I also received a notice that I would like to attend the work of the MEP. At present, our inspectors and inspections have become a system. I have implemented my own system of upgrading, green development and sewage permits. Paper, is now a book, so the business reported more than pay, less pay, you will not have room for development.


Because of the time, I do not start talking. Finally, I saw a section of the Internet through the Internet, where I share with you, the owner called Xie Dahai, I do not know, he is a section of the concept of environmental protection is to bring each employee, the national environmental crisis is not terrible, In fact, as long as half the pace of leading industries will not die, and half a step behind the industry may die miserable environmental storm, whether in the South China Sea or Foshan, have been rampant, if the business does not care about the environment, wait until the policy to go Preparation, certainly can not pass.


I use this passage to share with all the entrepreneurs present here and hope that we entrepreneurs attach importance to environmental protection, pay attention to the clean production of enterprises, pay attention to the green development of enterprises, how to develop, and can use advanced technology and equipment to realize economic development and environment Protection of common development.


My report is over, thank you all.

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