Buy Custom Cabinets Need Attention: Look At The Top Five Issues

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Buy custom cabinets need attention: Look at the top five issues

Recently, with the implementation of the policy of "deregulation and restriction of purchase" in the real estate market, more and more people are renovating new houses and enthusiasm for the purchase of cabinets is gradually rising. However, the variety of cabinet products sold in the market is not all reassuring. Well then, Xiao Bian to tell you, buy custom cabinets consumption need to pay attention to look at the top five issues!

First, confuse the sheet level

Some dealers in the introduction of products often said that the cabinets used raw materials for E1-class plate (health standards). In fact, E1-class plate is divided into domestic E1-class and European E1-class, the two standards for the release of formaldehyde and sheet metal prices are different. If consumers do not understand this, it may allow unscrupulous businesses fish in troubled waters. Consumers signed a contract to buy cabinets, should pay attention to the selection of cabinets used in the purchase of board grades, hardware brand models, countertops and other information on the contract details.

Second, false propaganda

To comply with the trend of green, businesses in the promotion of cabinets materials, mostly highlight its safety and cleanliness. However, whether the environmental protection is determined by the raw and auxiliary materials used by the products, there is no sampling test for the complete sets of cabinets in our country nor the corresponding standards. Therefore, the best way is to check the quality inspection reports of the plates. In addition, some manufacturers cut corners in the production process, but also easily lead to environmental quality problems.

Third, the lack of professional design cabinets

Due to the size of the space, cabinet design and installation is professional or not is particularly important. From the designer's initial on-site measurement to determine the final program, not only to consider the overall style of shaping, but also pay attention to the rationality of the layout, every detail can not be ignored.

Fourth, parts service is not perfect

Kitchen cabinets electrical accessories is an integral part of the kitchen, consumers in addition to focus on the choice of brand quality, but also pay attention to whether the perfect package.

Fifth, the poor performance of the production process is not guaranteed

Consumers lack the ability to judge the strengths and weaknesses of hardware, but also the lack of adequate understanding. However, the hardware and accessories occupy an important position in the whole set of cabinet materials, which will directly affect the overall quality of the cabinet and greatly affect the normal use of the cabinet and the "life span" of the cabinet. Superb production process is the basic guarantee for high-quality cabinets, many manufacturers have claimed that they have advanced production lines, in fact, may not have a first-class technology division to strict quality control. Therefore, consumers in the selection of cabinets, not only to look carefully cabinet manufacturing process, but also asked the manufacturer's site, production equipment and technology division situation.

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