Brief Description Of The Kitchen Cabinet Customization Process

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The first step: choose a quality, service, style quality manufacturers, and then determine the order.

The second step: the signing of orders, and the designer home measurement, consultation with the designer appointment time to ensure that the cabinet can be customized.

The third step: According to the kitchen design, layout, and water circuit, electrical location, draw cabinets custom map.

The fourth step: accurate measurement of the whole cabinet of the strict fit, to determine the standard and reasonable custom Xi'an cabinet construction program.

Step 5: Sign the supply contract with the merchant.

Step 6: manufacturers in accordance with the provisions for the consumer in accordance with the contract time delivery and installation of cabinets.

Step 7: Consumers check the Xi'an cabinet, accept the signature payment.

Consumers should pay attention to the contract must write clear after-sales protection services in order to protect the interests of consumers.

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