Brick Cabinet Instead Of The Whole Cabinet Feasible?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Brick cabinet instead of the whole cabinet feasible?


Some style-oriented owners intend to use brick cabinets, after all, very beautiful, but also appliances, baskets and other modern equipment and storage space are a lot. Brick cabinet instead of the whole cabinet feasible?


Experts point of view: Designers said that brick cabinets can be well adapted to the decoration style, common in the United States, pastoral, Southeast Asian style, more durable than the whole cabinet, more moisture-proof, long service life, environmental protection is not bad. However, this kind of cabinets need to build the wall, is bound to occupy a certain area used, used in large kitchen or villa more appropriate, space is too small is not recommended. Its spatial flexibility is not as good as the overall cabinet, some electrical use will be limited, some special gadgets can not be used.

In addition, brick cabinets are no better than the overall cabinet care. American, pastoral, Southeast Asian-style brick cabinets, the general is the small size of the tile shop, one to more cracks, and secondly to semi-matte, a little pattern of antique brick, in fact, easier than the overall cabinet stained fumes, It is not as easy to clean up the whole cabinet.


From the price point of view, the cost of brick cabinets is not necessarily cheaper than the overall cabinet. Ni Jian said that from the composition of the cabinet point of view, the proportion of cabinet cabinet has never had a high proportion of panels and doors. The brick cabinet to solve the problem of cabinets, panels and doors still have to consider, and if you want to create the American style, the general use of solid wood door or solid wood composite door, but also custom hanging cabinet, "the cost is not low. "As for the countertops, whether it is the use of stone or cement cast-in-site, the cost is the same as the price of ordinary cabinets.

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