Balcony Cabinets

- Apr 12, 2018 -

Balcony Cabinets


This balcony is a living room that opens up the entire space more generously. The balcony is white. The theme is a floor-to-ceiling window. The design adds white curtains. The overall look is transparent and bright. The design of the white closet cabinets does not occupy more space. It is more convenient to separate the cabinets. It is more convenient to store things in categories. The space under the cabinets is not wasted. To make the countertops and to separate the washing machines has room for them, and there are more cabinets next to them. 


This balcony is also the same as the above to the balcony living room, the difference is that it is clever use of the bar design has a good cut off, and the bar above the increase of simple cabinets, so when you want to drink at the bar, you can easily get the wine you want. And the cabinet also has a good storage function. 


Relatively more than the previous paragraph of this section of the balcony cabinet decoration renderings are very common, from the figure we can see that this type of good use of the laundry table and cabinets to hide some of the pipeline, daily washing is also very convenient. The cabinets on the stage can accommodate some kinds of laundry detergents, and the practical performance is still very good. 


We designed a tatami on the balcony so that you can catch up with the drama or drink wine in the evening. It's a good place to pull home. Design cabinets on the tatami side. You can put some cups, green plants, photos, etc. It can accommodate a lot of things like a large cabinet, but it is small and exquisite and only uses some spare space to become a cabinet.

The balcony is beautifully arranged. It will be beautiful and comfortable. It can serve as a lot of roles for office work, such as reading books, lunch breaks, etc., so we will choose a suitable location to install the cabinets when designing the balcony. Cabinets can not only take the role o f beautify , but can greatly improve the balcony storage function. It can serve two purposes.

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