Assembly Of Blum Slides Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Assembly of Blum Slides of Kitchen Cabinets

Now, we’d like to describe details for the installation of the Blum slides. Before installation, I will give you a brief understanding of the components for Blum slides, to include jointers, drawer frames, hand rail, cross bar, soft-close bumpers, slides and so on.

First of all, measure the height of the door panels for each drawer with tape. Leave 25MM space at the lower part of the two side panels and mark the line. (This is because the thickness of the bottom panels for the drawer is 18MM. If no space is saved, the bottom panels cannot be installed properly).

Mark the positioning lines above 25MM line on the side panels of the kitchen cabinet and the distance between the two lines is equal to the height of the door panel. After marking the positioning line for the Blum slides, install the slides at the positioning line on the two side panels. Go in 5MM from the front side and secure with self-tapping screws. After installing the slides on the two side panels, we can assemble the drawer cabinet body and put it aside.

Next, let’s find all the panels for the drawer cabinet according to drawing. When all panel and Blum accessories are ready, we can start assembling the drawers. Connect the fasteners to its designated place on the drawer frame and install the bottom panels of the drawers. Please note that the factory has already installed the soft-close bumper on the bottom panels and we only need to pay attention to the forward and backward directions of the bumpers during assembly. The arrows of the bumpers should face the front of the drawer frame. The front sides of the drawer frame and the bottom panels should be leveled and secured with screws. In the end, insert the back panels of the drawers in the fasteners and secure with screws.

After assembling the drawers, level the drawer cabinet body. Place a cabinet foot seat on each side of bottom at base cabinet and fit the left lower end of the door panel to the left lower end of the cabinet body and place it on the cabinet foot seat. Use the door panel as subject and adjust the level of the cabinet with a minus screwdriver according to the tilting side of the cabinet body. After leveling the cabinet body, place the drawers on the Blum slides.


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