Artificial Stone Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

- May 02, 2018 -

Artificial Stone Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

Artificial stone kitchen cabinets countertops: divided into three kinds of resin board, composite acrylic board, pure acrylic board. The resin plate refers to a plate that does not contain an acrylic component, the composite acrylic refers to a plate that contains 10% to 30% of the acrylic component, and the pure acrylic refers to a plate that contains more than 30% of the acrylic component. The higher the acrylic component, the softer the hand feel, and the closer to plastic. On the contrary, the hand feels more and more cold and close to the stone.

Artificial stone is the most suitable kitchen cabinets material for modern kitchens. Compared with other materials, artificial stone collection is beautiful and practical. It has the most abundant colors, the whole can be formed, and it can be seamlessly bonded to any length, and there is no trace in the bonding place, which can create a variety of table tops . At the same time wear-resistant; acid; high temperature; impact! Compression! Anti-fold! Anti-infiltration and other functions are also very strong. With the unique adhesive grinding technology, artificial stone kitchen cabinets countertops can be seamlessly spliced, the surface is free of pores, and dirt and bacteria are no longer accessible. The lines and colors of the artificial stone are quite comparable to those of the stone, but it is less radioactive and easier to clean. It is an ideal alternative to natural marble.

Disadvantages: Obvious lack of naturalness, texture is relatively fake, the price is higher, anti-hot ability is not strong. Too hot objects will fade when they are put on. The hardness is not enough to cause scratches. In addition, some low-price and poor quality kitchen cabinets countertops on the market are prone to oil infiltration.

Appropriate people: Users with a focus on environmental protection.


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