Air Conditioners In Kitchen

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Air Conditioners in Kitchen

Regarding kitchen air conditioners, the answer is that they can be installed. But why do most people not install air conditioners in the kitchen? This is to talk about the drawbacks of kitchen air conditioning. First of all, the kitchen smoke is large, soot will enter the air conditioning unit, affecting the life of the air conditioner, cleaning is also more difficult to clean. And if not properly installed, the kitchen fumes will be blown into other rooms, affecting the air quality of other rooms.

Secondly, the frequency of use is low and the energy consumption is high. In general, the use of the kitchen in the home is very short. From the economic and practical point of view, most people will not choose to install air conditioners in the kitchen. The kitchen area is not large, but if the air conditioning energy consumption is very high, the actual load is amazing, and the disadvantages of air conditioning are far greater than the benefits.

Finally, the size of the kitchen itself is relatively small, and installing air conditioners also takes up some space, which is one reason why many people do not install air conditioners in the kitchen. In the summer, when cooking is hot, you can choose another method to cool down. For example, when you cook, open the door to keep the air flowing. Put an electric fan on the table and blow it to the person to feel cool.


Is there any good solution?

1, large wind hood

The kitchen should be equipped with a large wind pressure and large suction range hood. The installation position should not exceed 68 cm from the table top, and the flue should not exceed 2 meters. The smoking effect is good. It can directly absorb the heat generated by cooking and reduce the heat of the kitchen.

2, dedicated air conditioning

Very like a friend thinks that the kitchen is air-conditioned, that is the performance of more money. In fact, the traditional air conditioner can of course not be installed. If you install a kitchen-specific air conditioner with a strainer, it is another matter, and the kitchen is cool.

3, increase the exhaust

If the kitchen does not want to install air conditioning, you can also consider adding an exhaust system to the kitchen to achieve the goal of quickly removing the fumes and lowering the temperature.

4, use less open fire

Try to use less open flames in summer, and use microwave ovens, ovens, juicers and other tools to handle food, which can prevent the kitchen from overheating.

5, cool color cabinets

The color matching of the kitchen cabinet should be light and cool, and psychologically, it can cool the kitchen. Such as: marble, stainless steel and other materials, easy to clean, looks cool.


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