After 90 Into The Main Consumer Cabinets How To Design To Sit On The Market

- Dec 01, 2017 -

After 90 into the main consumer cabinets how to design to sit on the market

I remember not long ago a news broke out in a circle after the majority of 90 circle upstage, that is, "Xinhua Daily Telegraph" advanced the definition of middle age to 1992, was still social "not grown up" after 90 has been step Into or about mid-life crisis. This sudden problem of age is really making people laugh or cry after 90. However, I have to say that after 90, one after another buying a house, getting married, or having a newborn baby is nothing new. After 90, it has gradually become the mainstay of consumers. The generation, consumption and aesthetics are all very different from the older generation, and their living conditions are improved. The deepening of education makes them even more demanding of quality of life, and they pay more attention to enjoyment than the older generations. The emergence of young consumer groups, cabinets to the direction of the development of enterprises has also brought a new force. Cabinets companies how to grasp the psychology of consumer groups after 90, designed by the favorite cabinet after the whole 90 it, the following with Xiaobian take a look at it.

1. This is a group that has been defined as a maverick from the student's age

After 90 became a social topic, maverick, unconventional unconsciously became the label of their growth, which is both an opportunity for cabinets business, but also a challenge. In the concept of consumption, 90 after more pursuit of individuality and self-expression, in addition to strict quality requirements, the cabinet's style and style are also the pursuit of perfection. So a beautiful and unique, unique shape, can be integrated into the consumer thinking of the cabinets more attractive to their attention.

2. Unique is everyone's desire for life

Everyone will want their own thing is unique, like we hate Zhuangxun, do not like the kind of shared possession of others, the same is the cabinet, no matter how beautiful and luxurious cabinets, if you see the same in a friend's house , No matter how good the cabinet will have a sudden do not want to feel the cabinet companies in the cabinet design should also achieve the design of different, especially in the current imitation, rampant rampant cottage market, enterprises should be in the cabinet design Increase investment, the pursuit of original innovation, a unique personalized products to win the hearts of consumers.

3 .Can be simple but not without meaning

According to the survey, after 90 for the family decoration but not too complicated and complicated requirements, the general pursuit of simple personality without losing the meaning of the living environment. In order to meet consumer aesthetic, many small fresh, Korean, Japanese-style cabinets in the market gradually rise. To grasp the trend of the times in order to capture the psychology of young consumers in the design, both to meet the needs of consumers life, but also to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers.

In fact, the best design is inclusive, both can integrate into the user's ideas and special feelings, but also with the times, to maintain the inherent artistry and classic beauty of the product itself. No matter how to replace the main consumer, cabinet business should always be people-oriented, consumer-centric, before they can keep the market.

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