Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Advantages of solid wood cabinet: Solid wood panel is a kind of pure natural data, environmental protection, good texture, natural texture, low thermal conductivity compared with other materials, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, and will not show cold and shrinking conditions in winter.

Disadvantages of solid wood kitchen cabinets: Due to the use of natural materials for solid wood panels, resources are scarce and the price is high. The color is also determined by the tree species, with less selectivity. The boring and moist environment is also not suitable for solid wood, so it takes more trouble to support and has poor acid and alkaline resistance.

1. Solid wood kitchen cabinets can be said to be the best in the ranks of kitchen cabinets, because of the natural texture and texture of natural wood, emitting a breath of nature, giving people a very elegant atmosphere of return. In particular, a variety of elegant and gorgeous carving patterns and craft shapes, exquisite corners, decorative lines and other rich film color processing, really let the solid wood cabinet by many people love.

2. The price of solid wood kitchen cabinets is high, and the current solid wood kitchen cabinets mainly include three types: one is pure solid wood type. The cabinet has higher requirements for the consistency of wood species, the overall natural effect is good, its strength is large, and the service life is longer; the second is solid wood. Compound type, it mainly uses solid wood splicing material as the base material, and its surface is affixed with solid wood peel, which can create a unique solid wood visual effect; the third type is solid wood veneer type, which is more double solid wood on the surface of the MDF. skin.

4. Although the solid wood kitchen cabinets are beautiful and have texture, they are not easy to be hygienic and have more lines. The health of the kitchen kitchen cabinets is the most difficult to do. Long-term use, solid wood kitchen cabinets are really not easy to scrub. The advantages of solid wood cabinet doors: high-grade appearance, natural lines It feels natural that the environment is muddy, pollution-free, light and hard, and durable. Solid wood cabinet door defects: solid wood kitchen cabinets due to high raw material prices, the complexity of the work process, so the price is expensive, not to comply with the domestic market spending power.

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