50 Tips For Kitchen Cabinets Purchase

- Sep 26, 2018 -

50 Tips for Kitchen Cabinets Purchase

1) Kitchen cabinets should not be too cheap, plates should be at least dew, the amount of plates used in kitchen cabinets is considerable, plus the generally small kitchen space and hot and humid environment, suitable for formaldehyde, so environmental protection is still very important of.

2) The most durable door panel is fireproof board. The shortest life is blister. The most afraid is the paint. The most expensive is solid wood. The cheapest is double-faced.

3) The silver is small and rarely goes to the kitchen, and the effect of the fancy, plastic, can make a variety of solid wood to make the shape.

4) The silver is small and often goes to the kitchen, fireproof board or double finish, durable and practical.

5) kitchen cabinet door sealing is best to use ABS or aluminum, which is more durable.

6) The kitchen cabinet top kitchen cabinet is not very useful. It can't be put too heavy, and it is not very convenient to take it. It is better to make a 40 kitchen cabinet that is accessible to the top.

7) It is not necessary to use the glass for the kitchen cabinet door. There are no enamel crafts in the kitchen cabinet. It is difficult to see the oily salt and vinegar-like debris. If it is necessary, it is best to bring flowers or frosted.

8) The kitchen cabinet particle board can't be repeatedly nailed up and down, so use a little hardware at the beginning.

9) It is best not to use easy-to-hang clothes for kitchen cabinet door handles, but also to consider wet hands or oil hands, so it is best to choose a larger handle.

10) Chinese food needs to be placed much more than Western food. Don't forget to leave space for rice, noodles, oil, and miscellaneous grains.

11) If the disinfection kitchen cabinet and the oven are embedded in the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen cabinet walls around these appliances should be affixed with aluminum foil paper, or be grilled together with the four walls to reduce the service life of the kitchen cabinet.

12) It is very practical to put a small wattage operation wall lamp on the console.

13) 30-35 can put knives, cutting boards, chopsticks, bottles, what kind of Lalan is a chicken rib, can not put a lot of things, replaced with seasoning, it is not convenient to use. In fact, the two types of Lalan are the most practical, one type of bowl, one type of pot.

14) Lalan is best not to be attached to the door panel. The door panel is easily deformed for a long time, and the other door panels are not solid on a flat surface.

15) Drawers are very practical, but not as many as possible (the price is too expensive). In fact, most of the drawers are not placed properly. Consider the small partition in the drawer.

16) Stainless steel countertops are the most durable, artificial stone is the least dirty, and quartz stone is the most expensive. The stainless steel countertops that are often used are most suitable, too cold, and can be adjusted with panel and tile color.

17) Stainless steel embossed countertops are less prone to scratches than brushed countertops.

18) Side smoking machines do have a better smoking effect than regular or European smoke machines.

19) Although the side smoking machine should be scrubbed frequently, it can significantly reduce the oil absorption in the fan.

20) It is not enough to fix the body of the side smoking machine and the exhaust pipe by the clamp. It must be sealed with glue.

21) It is better to install the side smoking machine as close as possible to the cooker.

22) If you install a normal or European-style hood, it is best to install a stainless steel sheet on the tile part of the cooktop so that it can be easily cleaned.

23) The cooktop panel is still the most practical of stainless steel. What Teflon and glass can't do, especially the glass is dirty and not greasy.

24) Do not glue between the cooktop and the panel to facilitate inspection.

25) The cooking table must have a small opening on the surface to prevent the soup from overflowing and flowing into the cooking appliance.

26) The sink table is easier to handle the countertops, especially if the stainless steel sink is on the stainless steel countertop, the adhesiveness of the glue is much worse than that of the artificial stone.

27) The faucet handle of the sink must be large and easy to clean. It is best to use the one that the arm can push.

28) The sink must have a basket to prevent it from being blocked and easy to clean. 29) S water must be made in the sink, otherwise it will return to the smell.

30) If the family has a large population, the large single trough will be more convenient and suitable for Chinese life.

31) If the kitchen has no floor drain, the washing machine should not be placed in the kitchen.

32) When renovating hydropower, you must think about the kitchen cabinet layout and electrical requirements. Be sure to leave enough sockets. It is best to leave the sockets on the front and back walls. The waterproof box is not necessary.

33) The water outlet can be exposed when the kitchen cabinet is exposed. Although the appearance is poor, it is much safer.

34) Do not put paintings, ceramics, fake flowers in the kitchen, you can consider planting a little potted plants, foreign countries like to plant some herbs in the kitchen, mint or something, you can use some in the dishes at any time, it is worth learning

35) The dishwasher is basically not suitable for China's national conditions, one waste; the price of the disinfection kitchen cabinet is unreasonable, and most of the time it will be used as a cupboard.

Unless there are more patients or visitors in the family (the best place to visit the restaurant), the average person does not need to spend more than 2,000, it is better to go to IKEA to spend tens of dollars to buy a drain basket, put it outside to control it.

36) It is best not to wipe your hands with a rag. It is best to use the rough paper towels sold in the supermarket. It is much cleaner and the money is still spent.

37) If the kitchen is used frequently, the kitchen ceiling is still an aluminum composite panel, square panel.

38) The main light source of the kitchen is preferably embedded and the brightness must be sufficient.

39) If you need to use the kitchen frequently, you must understand this beforehand. The kitchen function is still used. It will definitely contradict the aesthetics. You must make a choice unless the kitchen is used.

40) Do not pack the gas, be sure to leave a place for inspection and maintenance.

41) In addition to the main valve, it is best to set a valve for the gas stove, the gas water heater, etc., and the problem is convenient to close.

42) The hose must be replaced after two years.

43) If most of the gas pipes are packed in the kitchen cabinet, it is best to leave a gas alarm socket. Consider using the alarm in the future or now.

44) If you are cooking less, you can consider the open type. If there are more, it is still relatively safe, and even the best smoking machine can not suck the fumes. You can consider the plastic door or glass partition, which can greatly increase the lighting.

45) The kitchen has a hanging rod that hangs up some common guys and it is very convenient to use.

46) If the ordinary hood, spend 100-200 yuan to get a glass cover, the effect will be much better, it is more ugly and not easy to clean.

47) The bricks and highlights of the kitchen are still relatively clean, that is, do not choose pockmark or matte.

48) Unless the kitchen is small, you can try the color other than white in general. It is best to use warm colors. You can consider the combination of 2 colors, and feel at home without the feeling of the restaurant.

49) Kitchen tiles must be non-slip, it is best to put a mat in the operation area.

50) The kitchen window sill can be made wider as much as possible. It can put a lot of things and is more practical.

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