2017 Cabinet Product Trends

- Dec 01, 2017 -

2017 cabinet product trends

With the rapid development of the market economy, the cabinet industry market has been round after round of reshuffle restructuring, cabinet products are more and more diversified, functional and personalized, then the 2017 cabinet trends will show the end What kind of a state, Xiaobian briefly summarizes the following information on the development trend of cabinets in 2017, let's take a look at it!

A strong sense of design

With the awakening of people's self-awareness and the continuous improvement of lifestyle, consumers will pay more attention to the details of carving in 2017, and a unique and thought-provoking design will be more touching.

Second, full-featured

Housing prices remain high, not all families can live in big houses, so a set of economical and practical, full-featured cabinets will become the focus of the vast number of consumers. Of course, for most families nowadays, cabinets have not only been used for storage and use, but also to satisfy consumers' pursuit of home art and aesthetics. This requires that cabinets be functionized and artistic as possible as possible.

Third, health and environmental protection

In the process of urbanization, urban pollution caused by industrial development is becoming increasingly serious. Under the severe influence of haze and extreme weather, people hope to have at least one healthy and environment-friendly home. The concern about the theme of health and environmental protection will always be Throughout the furniture industry, no matter when the development of the cabinet industry, environmental protection will be the eternal theme.

Fourth, excellent quality

Increasing living standards and increasing pressure to live a fast, modern, fast-paced life make it less likely to spend time and time again on the refurbishment of the kitchen and the replacement of furniture, preferring the more expensive and longer-lasting cabinet products Will not be trapped in the kitchen because of the courage to cheat for three days. Therefore, improving product quality is the first step to make the cabinet business.

V. Customized

In this era of distinctive personality, everyone wants to live self, no longer meet the stereotyped home furnishing layout and furniture style, custom home environment and the kitchen has become the common pursuit of home life. Therefore, in 2017, the design of cabinets should be more individualized, so as to create personalized products that meet the needs of consumers based on different genders, different ages, different apartment sizes and different groups of people.

All in all, the current consumer market, although a vast cupboard, but you want to emerge from many brands also need cabinet companies more hard work.

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