2017 Cabinet Annual Meeting: Swedish Designer Karl Released 2018 Home Color Trends

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Color is the home's value! Color is the way of life! Today we are also very honored to come to Sweden from the design masters Carl, then we will have Karl Johan Bertilsson came to power, released 2019 home color trends, applause please.


Karl Johan Bertilsson: Hello.


     Are you ready? Nothing at first, dark, then light, light, we see the color, and then we fall in love with everything. My name is Carl John Bertilson. Chinese friends call me Carl. I have more than 20 years of color experience and have operations in more than 80 countries around the world. First of all, I'd like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for Furniture Decoration of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce for inviting me to give a speech on this side. Today, my main theme of the speech is color, so please be prepared for the next 20 minutes, I will talk a lot about the color of the content.


    First ask everyone a question, color important? When it comes to all parts of the world, it is important to say that colors are important. According to data research, 90% of purchasing decisions are determined on the basis of color. So when we do product design and product color selection is a very important choice, many designers who are doing color design are based on their perceptions and emotions to carry out, the video is Mr. Carl in cooperation with the NCA shot Video.


     Everyone knows that good colors will sell more of our products, so designers and scientists began studying the use of a color system to describe colors and design colors many years ago. With a color system, we can more logical study of color, because the color is a very complex situation. Designers in the design of some products come out, the color with not only designers like these colors, but more like consumers and the public like this color.


    This set of colors we just saw is the use of color compatibility This is a very rational color selection process, then I will introduce a famous Italian designer called Ruger (transliteration). The designer said a very famous words, the most need to design is the designer itself, so the most vivid color of nature is our design needs the most used color, but in fact many designers forced to think they When it comes to natural colors, in fact the colors they use do not represent nature at all. So when I was with the designer to do the color design project, they collected many of the most primitive colors of nature. Every piece of furniture designed in this project, every detail will be returned to these colors of nature itself, this home series once launched, the market is greatly acclaimed.


    In addition, I helped another large company doing color analysis projects when the company needed to launch white products in the European market, but the data showed that in fact, Chinese people prefer white products sold in Europe is not good, so according to After the analysis found that Europeans will prefer bluish white. IKEA is a very important partner for us. From the colors of its brand design to its cabinetry, to its overall interior, every detail of IKEA's color selection is very precise and precise. One of the successes of IKEA's design is that they are sure to use color in a space that is the trend of the season. IKEA is actually aware that the use of this trend does not necessarily result in much sales but consumes You need to see IKEA has such a trendy mix in it.


       Next, I will introduce the trend of home color trends in 2019. When we look at the trend of color trends, we must first know what is the trend of our current trend so that we can predict the direction of the next trend. Because trend trends are more about consumer psychology, a preference change within a given time. Because in fact the trend of the trend is a cyclical change, when we have a certain trend of aesthetic fatigue will naturally see another color. And the trend will be affected by the drivers of our world environment. There are many driving forces in the world that affect all countries in the world. One of the major driving forces is our humanity's urbanization. As urbanization progresses faster and faster, people's way of thinking will be more affected later.


       The gap between the rich and the poor in our world is also getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, the trend of global warming is also a topic that people are discussing more and more. In 2016, it is said to be the warmest year in history. China now has more and more influence around the world. In December last year, we invited some well-known designers in China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, to study color courses in Sweden. When these designs An important topic of concern to them when studying in Sweden is the problem of pollution. That is the topic we are going to focus on before. It is pollution. This is an issue that we will discuss before and affects the present.


     At the same time, there is a constant advance in high technology. Before we mentioned the technology of virtual reality, we will talk more about augmented reality today, so when we combine the previous drivers, we can conclude that 2018 In the past year, we can sum up it as a time of awakening. Many changes have taken place in various parts of the world. At the same time, the enhancement of the status of women is constantly emerging. We are now talking about many consumers who are about the future. They are the group of children who now refer to the generation of information or those who are born in the future. Because they were born in the technology of science and technology, they will be even more different because of their different age of birth Big changes in their behavior. We are now a large group of consumer escalation is a new era of people, they are not born in smart phones, smart devices, and information generation of this group of future consumers, they are born in a lot of smart devices. For these people born on the information generation, there are two things that are very important to them: 1. Technology; 2. Spirituality.


    For the 2019 home, a key to our trend: Survival. Therefore, in order to survive in this turbulent era, we need to have a spiritual balance. At the same time, we also need to purify our world. Different people from all over the world hope to bring together to make changes. We also apply technology to To change our daily life.


    The next color trend will be mentioned. The first theme is about us as a very important factor for survival. Every day, we come into contact with it. At the same time, the trend is about other materials. It is easy to finalize and produce. The data shows that the life of a plastic bottle is 450 But human beings are, to a certain degree, really stupid. After we finish drinking the bottle, we throw it away. According to the statistics, 8 million tons of plastic garbage is thrown into the sea every year. So now there are One would predict that there would be more plastic waste in the ocean than fish. Some people say I do not go to the sea, but now science has found that we have found in the drinking water inside the micro-fiber, this micro-fiber will actually change the function of our body. So now a campaign to save water is being launched on a global scale. So now there is a wave of style, more and more brands, including clothing or furniture, etc. will be recycled above the ocean some of the plastic waste recycling, to make products. So the first color trend is about water. The first trend of these colors not only to show the beautiful colors of the oceans, but also to arouse people's fade plastic garbage situation.


    The second trend is about beliefs, beliefs.


    The third trend more about the trend from individual to collective, which we call neighbors, is called the neighbors. The green color in this trend is very important because the green color will appear in many product designs including home improvement design.


    The last one is a very important color theme. It is a theme about the birth of a new world. The purple color in this theme will be a very important part for many furniture design, home improvement design and interior design.


    Next year, we will also launch this color trend brochure, where we can find the color of each theme I just talked about, and I like to use color with music when I speak because color is about emotion, about passion, You can use a few seconds to enjoy these beautiful colors. At the same time, we will jointly launch a color design for home improvement in China market next year with Dai Kun (transliteration), and everyone can continue to pay attention next year.

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