Red Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Red Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Solid wood kitchen cabinets is not only fashionable and healthy, is a modern city advocating nature preferred kitchen cabinets. Has the following features; solid wood kitchen cabinets, natural, environmental, health, solid wood kitchen cabinets said natural and pristine beauty.

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Product Details




Cabinet type

Cherry wood door kitchen cabinet

Door panel

22 mm classic style natural varnish cherry door panel

Cabinet box

16/18mm marine plywood with cherry veneer painting finish .

Door model

22 mm classic style wood door design


BLUM / DTC / other other hardware brand


1 set cabinets


Flat package or Assembly package which depends on customer

Production time

30-35 days for normal order

Delivery port

Shanghai Or Ningbo

Optional Items

Counter tops / Sink / Faucet / any other kitchen accessories etc .Which can be select from accessories catalog .

Warranty period

10 years after installation without man-made damage .

Payment terms

Small orders : 40% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .
Big orders :30% as deposit ,balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment

After service

All things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .

Drawings confirm

Cabinet design fee is 200 USD / SET ,which will be return after confirming order .We appreciated if you have finished drawings at hand ,no need to design again .
We offer free detailed final shop drawings as confirmation evidence for final production .

Main Market

Oceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro

About Rosen

Rosen is a professional high-quality custom furniture supplier, our main products are high-quality cabinets, wardrobes, laundry rooms, bathroom cabinets and other kinds of wooden products. At present, our annual sales have reached 10 million US dollars.

After nearly 10 years of development, we and all kinds of large and medium-sized builders, wholesalers to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. Our cooperation projects involving North America, Central America, the Middle East, Australia, Europe.

In addition to providing professional customized furniture, we also have independent purchasing departments. Various builders and contractors provide customized services for other building materials to solve the procurement difficulties of special processes. We are happy to help all kinds of customers and work with them to develop new products to meet their special requirements.

Our main products include:

Custom cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobe.

Custom Caesar ,silestone and all kinds of chinese brand artificial quartz stone.

Other special decorative products customization and processing.

Material types of solid wood cabinet .

1, Teak-waterproof crack the value
One of the world's most valuable hardwood, the wood with a golden brown luster, beautiful decoration stripes and a unique performance, is known as the "king of the wood.Has the characteristics of natural oil can make it waterproof, not brittle, deformation, distortion, bending, swelling and cracking and so on.
Advantages: high hardness, not easy to wear and tear, heavy oil to keep the deformation, with a special kind of fragrance, can drive the snakes, insects, mice, ants, still can prevent maggots.Furniture can be the value.

2, Elm- stately generous price moderate
Elm is our country doing one of the most commonly used wood furniture, elm, after open sapwood, yellowish-brown core material is light brown, like feathers, layer upon layer texture has extended.For the love of classic furniture, but cash-strapped consumers, elm composed and easy, and the price is low, is a better alternative.
Advantages: the strength of the elm medium, decay resistance, easy processing, fine wood, decorative pattern beauty.

3, Oak --Thick composed solid and durable
Fagaceae, Jilin, Liaoning, north to south in our country to Hainan, Yunnan has the distribution, but the high quality material does not see more, still need to be imported from abroad advanced oak, fine material per cubic meter of nearly ten thousand yuan, this also is the important cause of the high price of oak furniture.As the market is popular, considerable profit, the market for rubber wood instead of the oak phenomenon appeared frequently.
Advantages: wood grain and bright, touch the surface texture is good, the oak toughness is wonderful, can according to need to be processed into various kinds of bent, aesthetically, suitable for production of high-end European-style furniture.

4, Northeast China Ash - beautiful decorative texture
Very beautiful wood, easy to imagine that the growth of ying ying willow.Like cold, actually otherwise, northeast China ash nature are mainly distributed in the greater hinggan mountains in heilongjiang province in northeast China and eastern xiaoxinganling, jilin changbai mountain and other places, to heights of 30 meters, sapwood pale brown, shallow brown, core material but slightly deep than the sapwood.It is very cold.
Advantage: the color difference is small, corrosion, water resistant performance is good, easy treatment, tenacity is big, chromatic performance is good, have good adornment performance.
Disadvantages: difficult to dry, dry shrinkage, easy to produce become warped crack, suitable for simple decoration.

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