MDF Board Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

MDF Board Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

The surface of melamine kitchen cabinets is flat and not easy to be deformed; The color is rich, the texture is fine, and the pattern simulation is high; Wear and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, easy to clean; Economical and practical, cost-effective.

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Cabinet type MDF Board Melamine Kitchen Cabinets
Door panel18 mm particle board with maple melamine finish door panel
Cabinet box16/18mm plywood with melamine finish (White color )
16/18mm chipboard (particle board ) with melamine finish . (White color )
Door model18 mm Flat door panel with PVC edge sealing
HardwareBLUM / DTC / other other hardware brand
MOQ1 set cabinets
PackageFlat package or Assembly package which depends on customer
Production time30-35 days for normal order
Delivery portShanghai Or Ningbo
Optional ItemsCounter tops / Sink / Faucet / any other kitchen accessories etc .Which can be select from accessories catalog .
Warranty period10 years after installation without man-made damage .
Payment termsSmall orders : 40% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .
Big orders :30% as deposit ,balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment
After serviceAll things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .
Drawings confirmCabinet design fee is 200 USD / SET ,which will be return after confirming order .We appreciated if you have finished drawings at hand ,no need to design again .
We offer free detailed final shop drawings as confirmation evidence for final production .

Main MarketOceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro

Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Advantages of choosing materials:

We all know that the traditional hand-made furniture is mostly made of wood core board and veneer. Many of the products on the market, such as wood core board and veneer, are inferior in level, and it is difficult to meet the standards in environmental protection and deformation resistance. If it is tailor-made, it will be much better. After all, it is all for home use, and it will not choose inferior materials.

Advantages of the production process:

The homemade whole kitchen cabinets are generally carried out on site when the house is being renovated. The construction personnel generally do not know much about the various requirements for making the whole kitchen cabinet, the production process is rough, the error is large, and the ergonomics and engineering materials involved in the whole kitchen are known. Very few, there is often no space reserved at the bottom of the console to accommodate the toe, and the height of the console is not adjusted according to the height of the operator. The whole kitchen cabinets produced by professional kitchen cabinet brand manufacturers are all industrialized. From the cutting, polishing to installation, there are strict specifications. The high temperature and high pressure edge sealing is adopted. After sealing, the appearance is neat and firm, and the product process is of course far superior to the self-made products.

Price advantage:

In fact, as far as the market of the kitchen cabinet market is concerned, the price of furniture made by itself is higher than that of the whole kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Some people may ask, why is it cheaper to order than to ask for woodwork? Because the big brands use group purchases in procurement, and factory-batch batch production, the cost is greatly reduced, rather than a single high profit. The top ten manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, Dasen as a whole kitchen cabinet manufacturer, also have an advantage in price.

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