Spray Pink Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

Spray Pink Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

The paint cupboard is a new type of cabinet with full paint film, no discoloration, no peeling, abrasion, scrape, and environmental protection. Most of the lacquer kitchen cabinet produced by standard manufacturers are generally non-toxic, environmentally friendly and beautiful.

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Cabinet typeSpray Pink Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets
Door panel22 mm / 18 mm MDF board free handle design paint ( lacuqer / two pack ) finish ;
All door panel use 45 edge cutting to pull out .
Any paint color can be available .
Cabinet box16/18mm plywood with birch veneer painting finish .
16/18mm plywood with melamine finish .
16/18mm chipboard (particle board ) with melamine finish .
Door model18 mm / 22 mm 45 degree edge cutting door panel .
Door edge seamThe same as door panel surface .
HardwareBLUM / DTC / Hettich / Grasshopper/or other hardware brand
MOQ1 set kitchen cabinet
PackageFlat package or Assembly package which depends on customer .
Production time40-50 days for normal order .
Delivery portShanghai Or Ningbo .
Optional ItemsCounter tops / Sink / Faucet / any other kitchen accessories etc .Which can be select from accessories catalogue .
Warranty period10 years after installation without man-made damage .
Payment termsSmall orders : 50% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .
Big orders :30-40% as deposit ,5% of amount as project quality guarantee .
After serviceAll things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .
We offer all cabinet & hardware 10 years warranty .
Main MarketOceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro

The Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets

Glass door installation method

1. Construction process

Positioning, pay-off mounting frame top limit slot mounting metal facing wooden bottom mounting vertical door frame installation glass mounting glass door leaf upper and lower door clamp door positioning installation glass door handle

2. Construction methods and technical measures

(1) Positioning and paying line: The glass door combined with the fixed glass and the movable glass door leaf can be uniformly positioned for positioning. According to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, the positioning line of the glass door is released, and the position of the door frame is determined, and the position is accurately measured. Ground elevation and the top of the door frame and the height of the middle frame.

(2) Limiting groove at the top of the mounting frame: The width of the limiting slot should be larger than the thickness of the glass 2-4mm. The depth of the groove is 10-20mm. When installing, firstly, the two metal decorative board edges are drawn from the drawn line, and then the edge is drawn. The installation of the limit groove at the top of the door frame is carried out. The groove depth in the groove is adjusted by the glue pad. The limit groove is made of 1.5mm steel plate pressing, steel plate welding and aluminum metal profiles and other lining outer stainless steel.

(3) Install the wooden bottom of the metal veneer: first fix the square wood on the ground, then stick the metal veneer to the wood with the universal glue. The square wood can be directly nailed to the pre-embedded wooden brick, or pass The method of connecting the expansion bolts is fixed. If the aluminum alloy square tube is used, it can be fixed on the frame column with aluminum angle, or fixed on the wooden brick buried in the ground with wood screws.

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