Red Two Pack Kitchen Cabinets

Red Two Pack Kitchen Cabinets

Red kitchen cabinets can increase people's appetite, in the winter, you will feel warm and warm, and the red color is a lot, not necessarily bright red, some low-key steady red will make the home look Classy and trendy.

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Model LQ-152
Cabinet type Red Two Pack Kitchen Cabinets
Door panel 22 mm / 18 mm MDF board free handle design paint ( lacuqer / two pack ) finish ;
All door panel use 45 edge cutting to pull out .
Any paint color can be available .
Cabinet box 16/18mm plywood with birch veneer painting finish .
16/18mm plywood with melamine finish .
16/18mm chipboard (particle board ) with melamine finish .
Door model 18 mm / 22 mm 45 degree edge cutting door panel .
Door edge seam The same as door panel surface .
Hardware BLUM / DTC / Hettich / Grasshopper/or other hardware brand
MOQ 1 set kitchen cabinet
Package Flat package or Assembly package which depends on customer .
Production time 40-50 days for normal order .
Delivery port Shanghai Or Ningbo .
Optional Items Counter tops / Sink / Faucet / any other kitchen accessories etc .Which can be select from accessories catalogue .
Warranty period 10 years after installation without man-made damage .
Payment terms Small orders : 50% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .
Big orders :30-40% as deposit ,5% of amount as project quality guarantee .
After service All things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .
We offer all cabinet & hardware 10 years warranty .
Main Market Oceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro

How to Select the Kitchen Cabinets?

1, cabinet selection

Pay attention to material and combination

Firstly, the cabinet is one of the most important components of the cabinet. When the cabinet is selected, the quality of the cabinet body must be carefully confirmed. The cabinet body of the cabinet is composed of a side plate, a back plate, a bottom plate, and a laminate plate. The selection of the substrate is the first multiple-choice question. The cabinet panels of the cabinet are mainly multi-layer plywood, solid particle board and particle board. Currently there are three types of particleboard materials in the market: imported particleboard, domestic well-known particleboard, and low-end domestic particle board. The brand, thickness, and environmental protection level of the cabinet are the standards to measure. The edge of the cabinet is also critical, and the edge strip is the most basic accessory in the cabinet. There are three roles of edge banding: First, it is an edge banding to prevent moisture intrusion. The second is to effectively eliminate trace formaldehyde emissions from the board. Third, reinforce the sheet. Also note that the cabinet splicing.

The more advanced fourth-generation three-in-one wooden truss connectors are assembled to facilitate the precise demolition of the connection. It consists of three parts: embedded parts, connecting nuts, and ramming, so that the weight of the cabinet is more secure and other screw-like connections are avoided. The defects caused.

2, table selection

The advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone and artificial stone

There are three types of stone in the countertops: quartz stone, artificial stone, and granite. There are two main types of cabinet countertops in the market: artificial stone and quartz stone. In fact, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they must be combined with their own circumstances.Industry insiders introduce that artificial stone is made of natural ore powder + color masterbatch + acrylic resin, which is treated with high temperature and high pressure and has a uniform texture and no hair pores. It is recognized as the most suitable cabinet material for modern kitchens. It is also more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, and heat-resistant. Its impact resistance, pressure resistance, flexural resistance, and penetration resistance are also very strong. Of course, its naturalness is obviously insufficient, and its texture is relatively false.

The corresponding quartz stone is actually a kind of artificial stone. However, because of its unique high performance cost, its price is higher than that of artificial stone. It uses natural quartz crystal ore as the main raw material, and it is manufactured under the condition of high temperature and high pressure by introducing imported and fully automatic control production technology equipment. The surface of this plate is as hard as granite and has a rich color like marble. The structure is as anticorrosion and antifouling as glass. The shape after finishing is as perfect as artificial stone. However, because the hardness of the quartz stone countertop is too strong to be processed and the shape is too single, it is of course important that the price is high.

3, pick plates

Don't just look at the value

The material of the cabinet plate is more, the main material is solid wood board, density board, damp proof board, resin board. Many people choose the door when picking cabinets, because the door panels are indeed the most visually appealing. And now the types of doors are also very rich, so it's hard to avoid choosing "difficulty." The current market, such as solid wood door panels, paint door panels, etc. are just some of them.

The process of moulding the door panel is actually very high for the manufacturers' equipment.The industry explained, but this kind of door panel is rich in color, unique in shape, strong in three-dimensional pattern, easy to scrub, no static electricity generated during scrubbing, and difficult to adhere to dust and scratch resistance. . Because the four sides of the door plate can be sealed together after blistering, the opportunity for moisture contamination can be reduced, and the problem of black spots that may occur after a long time for sealing can be solved. The foreign countries call it a non-defective plateand round corners. The design reduces the possibility of accidents during use, even if the impact is not easily damaged. The paint door panel is treated by drying the oven after drying the MDF board. The variety of colors is the advantage of the paint door, but the surface is easy to scratch is a problem, and poor workmanship paint is also easy to oxidize.

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