What is the acceptance standard for the whole cabinet

- Mar 09, 2018 -

What is the acceptance standard for the whole cabinet

The installation should correspond to each other, the level of the same, all the gap width should be consistent; the handle should be at the same level (except special design); surface should be smooth and bright, no scratches, the seam is not obvious; the water unobstructed connection, water is not flowing gas; open the drawer about 50mm (the drawer), can automatic shut, shows a higher bearing capacity.

The whole cabinet advantage and vitality is in doubt, however, the market order is still not perfect, so developers and consumers in the purchase of cabinets at the same time, still have to beware of many non-standard business, in order to pursue higher profits in the price and the contract and the product set "maoni".

Good installation quality is an important part of the overall cabinet quality assurance, and it is also the most important part to avoid problems after use. Consumers should pay more attention to it, which will cause businesses to attach great importance to do their best.

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