What are the styles of cabinets and what are the main material of the door?

- Jun 25, 2018 -

What are the styles of cabinets and what are the main material of the door?

First, the style of cabinets currently includes four main types:

1. Modern avant-garde style: It pays more attention to the larger space, modern electrical appliances and personalized needs. It embodies a style design that enjoys the quality of modern life and personalization in the layout design.

2, modern minimalist style: The general design is a shape, L-shaped, U-shaped, as much as possible efficient use of space, increase storage space, and the overall feeling bright and simple.

3, pastoral warm style: a sense of solid wood, simple lines, no complex floral dress, warm and not fancy.

4, European style: solid wood, lace, wood grain, color, nostalgia, classic wood is a classic, a manifestation of the quality of life.

Second, there are many kinds of cabinet door materials, including molded board, double veneer, paint board, fire board, UV board and steel plate and solid wood board, of which the first three are the most common on the market.

1, molded board: high-quality MDF for the substrate after the suppression of the vacuum adsorption of pvc, with good waterproof performance, rich colors, realistic wood, no cracking deformation, applicable style: modern simplicity, pastoral style;

2. Double veneer: Its base material is particle board, which is made of bonded base material and surface. There are two types of surface veneers: domestic and imported. Applicable style: modern and simple;

3, paint board: the density board as the substrate, the surface after six to nine times grinding, primer, drying, polishing multiple processes, is currently mainly used for cabinets, doors, etc., applicable style: modern and simple;

4. Fireproof board: consists of a base material and a surface material. The base material is made of kraft paper impregnated with phenol resin. A melamine decorative color paper is used to form the surface material. The base material and the surface material are then cured into fireproof boards at high temperature. Panel grain pattern, looks similar to double veneer. Applicable style: modern and simple, pastoral style;

5, UV board: the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof high-density board as the substrate, the surface coating UV primer, topcoat, light-curing lacquer, after UV curing, edge sealing or aluminum edge formed , Environmental protection, highlights, wear resistance, aging-resistant new cabinet door, applicable style: modern and simple;

6, crystal steel plate: Tempered glass, inner paint or peritoneum. The appearance is similar to the board. Applicable style: modern and simple;

7. Solid wood panels: divided into two types, one is made of multiple pieces of solid wood, the other is MDF (MDF) surface with solid wood, suitable style: pastoral simplicity, simple European, American pastoral;

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