Veneer Door Panel Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 14, 2018 -

Veneer Door Panel Of Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets made of double veneer panels give people a feeling of simplicity and generosity. The surface lines are clear and smooth, and then they are combined with the same color edge banding strips. They can be visually integrated with the whole kitchen cabinet, which is all-encompassing, convenient and practical. Kitchen cabinets made of double veneers have the same stickers on both sides, which are waterproof and moisture proof. When the doors are opened, they are the same inside and outside, and they look very comfortable.

In addition to appearance, the cabinets made of double veneer have many advantages. The surface of the cabinet has a natural protective film. It does not need to be painted, saves a lot of things, and it is wear-resistant, hot-resistant and pollution-resistant, and can reduce accidental bumps. The resulting scratches can also withstand the high temperature effects of cooking in the kitchen, which can extend the useful life of the cabinet.

But this type of kitchen cabinet is not all an advantage. It is also flawed. For example, the level of double veneer kitchen cabinets is relatively low, and now many owners prefer to use solid wood and aluminum alloy kitchen cabinets. In such a contrast, he obviously looks too low. Not only that, the quality of the kitchen cabinets is mixed in the market, and if the workmanship is not good, the traces of glue on it are more obvious. This will not only affect the appearance but also affect its quality.

Once the poor quality is selected, plus the kitchen is a place with more water, the two veneer cupboards are immersed in water for a long time during use, and the edge banding is easy to crack and collapse. In addition, the color of cabinets is relatively small, and the plasticity is not strong, and it is not possible to arbitrarily make the styles that you want.

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