The whole cabinet

- Jan 04, 2018 -

The whole cabinet, also known as "the whole kitchen", refers to the cabinet combination composed of cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances and kitchen functional appliances. The utility model is characterized in that the cabinets, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen appliances and the various functional components are organically combined. According to the composition, the overall design and the overall construction of the kitchen structure, the area and the family members of the consumers, Form a complete set of products; to achieve the overall coordination of each process of the kitchen work, and create a good family atmosphere, a strong atmosphere of life.

Cabinet: According to the spatial structure, including hanging cabinets, floor cabinets, decorative cabinets, high cabinet and so on

Cabinet door: a larger choice, according to the material composition and includes wood doors, aluminum doors, shutter doors

Decorative plate: including partitions, roof, roof line, back wall decoration

Countertops: including artificial stone, fire board, artificial quartz stone, stainless steel countertops, natural stone countertops, slate, etc.

Foot: including the foot plate, adjust the feet and connectors. Adjust the feet commonly used plastic and aluminum floor

Hardware accessories: including the door hinge, rail, handle, hanging code, other structural parts, decorative accessories, etc.

Functional accessories: including the basin (artificial stone basin and stainless steel basin), faucet, water and sewage, soap dispenser, all kinds of baskets, racks, racks, rice boxes, trash

Lamps: laminate lights, roof lights, all kinds of built-in, external cabinet dedicated lamp

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