The Trend Of Kitchen Cabinet Development

- May 07, 2018 -

The Trend Of Kitchen Cabinet Development

Trend 1: Green will become the main theme

In the past two years, environmental protection has always been a hot topic in the field of decoration. Today's consumers are increasingly demanding environmental protection when purchasing kitchen cabinet products. They will not only understand the formaldehyde content of the product in detail, but will also give priority to those products that are certified as green. It can be said that the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people's minds, and ordinary consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection in kitchen cabinets. An important content that customers generally understand is the environmental performance of the product, and even some people regard it as the first element of whether to purchase the product.

Trend 2: Growing demand for custom cabinets

Today, after 80, it has gradually become the main force for buying home kitchen cabinets, and their consumer psychology has also become an important factor affecting the overall market trend. 80 is the pursuit of personalized life generation, especially when they face the decoration of the kitchen, mix and match style, fashion style, alternative decoration, everything can not be less. After 80's home decoration consumer groups have a wealth of creativity and imagination, have a unique appreciation and understanding of the arts, and hope to master and lead their own home design programs, therefore, personalized needs must be one of the indispensable keywords. For this reason, many brands provide customized and customized cabinet business. The materials, sizes, and styles can be produced according to customer needs.

Trend 3: Brand recognition continues to increase

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, when consumers purchase kitchen cabinet products, the factors considered are not only limited to the price and quality, but also consider the added value of the product brand. In other words, consumers’ brand awareness is increasing day by day. A cupboard is not just a daily necessities, but also reflects a person’s quality of life and connotation. Therefore, more and more consumers are beginning to love the brand products. In addition to the functional value of the products, their cultural value and even the value of their collections have gradually become more and more popular.

Trend 4: Kitchen appliances integration is getting closer

More and more customers are now choosing kitchen appliances while purchasing cabinets. One-stop shopping for the whole kitchen has been widely recognized by many consumers. The integration of kitchen appliances will be an irreversible industry trend. As consumers demand higher and higher quality of life, kitchen-electric integration products will be loved by consumers.

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