The importance of the maintenance of the skirting board for stainless steel cabinets

- Oct 26, 2017 -

One is a visual balance from the role of the whole cabinet can achieve a beautiful effect, the use of their color and linear and cabinet echoes, so that the entire cabinet to achieve the perfect visual effects.

The second is to protect the role, because the stainless steel cabinet baseboard is connected to the ground and cabinets of excessive parts, so to a large extent to protect the entire cabinet from external collision caused by damage, while the better cabinet and the ground with a solid.

The third is from the role of moisture and moisture, the kitchen is relatively a relatively humid place, with the cabinets canoe can effectively prevent the water on the ground to the bottom of the cabinet to protect the bottom of the cabinet from the erosion of water, Cabinet life.

Common skirting board with wooden skirting board, scrub metal skirting board and PVC skirting board three. Wood skirting board is generally used with solid wood or plastic door panels, easy to moisture. Scrub metal skirting board waterproof and moisture-proof, not moldy rust, beautiful and durable without damage, is a relatively high quality materials, stainless steel cabinets are often used. PVC skirting board is also more commonly used, but relatively brittle, with a long time will be aging, brittle

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