The Hood Of Kitchen Cabinet

- May 14, 2018 -

The Hood Of Kitchen Cabinet

Because the space in the kitchen is small, the dim colors such as black and gray will appear more oppressive; therefore, common colors of kitchen cabinets are white, light wood, and red (dark) wood, which are versatile, beautiful, and practical.

Hood style and color

The common range hoods have two kinds of top suction and side suction, and the color is usually black, silver, silver and black.

1, top suction hood

The advantage of top suction hood is that it is easy to clean, the disadvantage is that it is easy to drip oil, easy to meet, especially when cleaning the stove.

2 side suction hood

The side hood does not touch the head, does not feel depressed, it is a little trouble when clearing, because clean up a little rub a week, a big clear in January, compared to easy to use, it is worth it!

3, the color of the hood

Hoods are usually black, silver, silver and black with these colors, many people may think this monotonous, but this is the most real, because the hood directly to the massive smoke test, these two colors are the most primitive, Most dirty

If you don't cook the open kitchen to make the kitchen more beautiful, you often choose the top suction to hide the hood in the cabinet, so there is no worry about the value! If your personality is very assertive, then the following two blue or pink hoods may be suitable for you!

How cabinets and hoods work better together

After introducing the styles and colors of hoods and cabinets, let's talk about how to choose a suitable hood for your kitchen based on the color of the cabinets!

1, top suction + cabinet sealed up

If you choose the top hood, there are two general approaches:

1 The top of the hood is sealed with cabinets. At this time, only a small part of the bottom of the hood is exposed. Basic colors are acceptable.

2 hoods are exposed, so congratulations or choose silver!

Have you ever seen someone with a dark, big head in the kitchen?

Therefore, the top suction is basically a silver body + silver / black bottom, you can choose is the bottom of the color.

2, white cabinet + black hood

Black and white is a classic time, so if the cabinets are white or light-colored, the black-based hood is a very wise choice!

3, light wood color cabinet + silver / black

Light wood color cabinets with smoke hoods are more casual, silver black can match, I personally recommend the use of gray + black color with hood.

4, mahogany color cabinet + silver hood

The dark cabinets are relatively heavy in space, and if you choose a black hood, then the entire space is quite depressing! So dark cabinets are generally equipped with a silver hood, of course, if the black cabinet, then you can choose all black!Tel: +86-571-56976336

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