Stainless steel cabinet appliances use taboo vigilance disturbing factors harm health

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The chemical nature of aluminum is very lively, in the air is easy to oxidize the formation of alumina film. The alumina film is insoluble in water and can be dissolved in acidic or alkaline solutions. Salt can also destroy alumina. If the soup, vegetables long-term in the aluminum container, not only will destroy the aluminum products, and soup will be dissolved in more aluminum molecules. These aluminum molecules and food are chemically changed to produce aluminum compounds.

Long-term consumption of foods containing large amounts of aluminum and aluminates will destroy the normal body calcium and phosphorus ratio, affecting people's bones, teeth growth and metabolism, but also affect some digestive enzyme activity, so that the digestive function of the stomach The So, the aluminum pot bogey for a long time meal. It is best not to use aluminum pot cooking or burning soup.

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