Solid Wood Door Panels Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 10, 2018 -

Solid Wood Door Panels Of Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood door panels of kitchen cabinets (the embodiment of high quality, the preferred type of pursuit of American and European decoration)

The solid wood kitchen cabinet gives people a feeling of returning to life! It belongs to a high-grade door panel with a smooth surface and natural color. A variety of patterns on the surface constitute European and American styles, luxurious and elegant. It is deeply loved by people at home and abroad, especially the imported high-grade solid wood doors. The surface can be used for convex and concave treatment, inside and outside painting, the style is simple and elegant, fine workmanship, reflecting the superb technology.

According to the fine degree of workmanship and paint can distinguish the level of price, the thickness of the door plate ranging from 18-22.

Now there is a kind of imitation wood on the market. It is made of medium density board, plus paint. We should pay attention when buying.

Solid wood door cabinets are best for cabinets of 9 square meters, and open kitchens can be applied above 7 square meters. The effect of the relatively small kitchen is not very good!

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