PVC sheet cabinets and solid wood cabinets that more environmentally friendly and healthy

- Jan 27, 2018 -

PVC sheet cabinets and solid wood cabinets that more environmentally friendly and healthy

In recent years, the climate has become weaker, the environment has become poorer, the available renewable resources have become less and less. The greening area in our country is even smaller and has not reached the international average greening value. Most of our normal wood is imported into Southeast Asian countries. Southeast Asian countries are also aware of the importance of protecting the environment, prohibiting the deforestation of timber and leading to a sharp increase in the raw materials and scarcity of timber. While China prohibits deforestation on the one hand and encourages afforestation on the other, it lacks the original timber. Countries also advocate business innovation, seek new ideas to replace non-renewable resources, saving raw materials.


In recent years, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobe and other aspects of plate innovation, with more breakthrough development. A synthetic wood, there are stainless steel plate products, the more representative is the development of environmentally friendly plastic sheet (PVC material).

PVC foam sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly materials, known as foreign-made non-defective sheet, both inside and outside the stick, no oil, water seepage, scratch resistance, also known as plastic panels, MDF substrate, the surface of the vacuum plastic Or into a seamless PVC film molding process, environmental pollution, reusable, is an ideal alternative cabinets, more convenient and more suitable for people's lives. Door in the normal size without edge, waterproof, moisture-proof, hardness and good flexibility.


PVC foam board production cabinet has a more special features, because it itself brings together the characteristics of PVC foam sheet: waterproof, moisture-proof, non-absorbent, which can effectively prevent deformation and cracking and other symptoms occur at the same time PVC foam sheet surface can be Production of light color, matte particles with a striped appearance, the more advantage is the production of PVC foam board cabinets cabinets and bathroom Naisuanbu changeable color, long life, bright color long-lasting, and can be like wood The same as drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, sticky and other processing, sheet can also be secondary processing thermoforming; light transport construction more convenient.

Kitchen use PVC cabinets, because of its smooth surface and easy to clean, no messy colors and complicated lines, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, non-cracking, long service life, so it is more suitable for the average family in small size, clean and simple design kitchen.

PVC foam board is not deformed without cracking, scratch resistance, stain resistance, fade. Rich colors, realistic woody, monochromatic chroma Chunyan. Seamless PVC film forming process without edge, there is no open plastic problems, routine maintenance is also very simple, does not require special maintenance. Developed countries and regions are more dependent on such PVC material products.

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