How to Choose the Kitchen Cabinets

- May 16, 2018 -

How to Choose the Kitchen Cabinets?

The material:

1. plastic frame plate kitchen cabinets: plastic frame panels kitchen cabinet is actually used some plastic decorative bread affixed to the surface of the substrate, most of them are hand-made, so the entire effect looks good, very beautiful, but time is long There will still be some problems with pushing down and fading, and there will still be a lot of clean corners.

2. Plexiglass: Organic glass is a relatively high-end kitchen cabinet, looks more comfortable, and is relatively durable to clean. However, the construction of crystal glass kitchen cabinets is relatively difficult. If there are some problems in the construction process, it is not perfect. It is easy to have a lot of trouble.

3. Blister board kitchen cabinets: blister board kitchen cabinet is that we are more familiar with the PVC kitchen cabinet, this kitchen cabinet waterproof and moisture resistance performance is better, but the surface is easy to scratch, bruises, and not very high temperature resistance, over time, then slowly The deformation.

4. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets: stainless steel kitchen cabinets are also relatively good kitchen cabinet products in recent years, stainless steel kitchen cabinets look more stylish, but also a good cleaning, is young people's favorite, but the stainless steel kitchen cabinet heatstroke performance is relatively poor.

5. Solid wood kitchen cabinets: Solid wood kitchen cabinets are kitchen cabinets that we see more, and also kitchen cabinets with very good reputation. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are relatively high-grade environmental protection, but they also have their own defects. The price of good solid wood kitchen cabinets is relatively higher, and the price of solid wood kitchen cabinets is also relatively high. Comparison of.

How to buy kitchen cabinets?

1. the brand, the whole kitchen cabinet now has a lot of brands, these brands are good or bad, but the European kitchen cabinet brand has always been to lead the kitchen cabinet industry trends, domestic development is also good, the current degree is good Oupai, Hettich, Haier And so on, comparing the quality of products is guaranteed, after-sales service is also in place.

2. Material and material quality determine the quality and service life of the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, consumers should try to choose products that have been certified by state agencies.

3. Hardware accessories, hardware accessories kitchen cabinets affect the daily use, as well as the life of kitchen cabinets, so the quality of hardware accessories is very important. In the market, many black-heart manufacturers use counterfeit and shoddy products to make good use of them. Therefore, the quality of hardware must be selected when purchasing.

4. Pricing method, kitchen cabinet pricing methods are unit pricing and Yan meter pricing two, there is not honest business may be directly price tag, so that the increase in stealth items, resulting in a much higher overall kitchen cabinet prices.


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