How To Choose The Kitchen Cabinets

- May 14, 2018 -

How To Choose The Kitchen Cabinets?

1. Kitchen Cabinet material

The more common materials on the market are MDF, wood board and particle board. In comparison, the particle board has excellent moisture resistance, good load-bearing capacity, and is not easy to be deformed. It is the first choice for cabinet panels. And particleboard is made with less glue and is also healthier and more environmentally friendly. Edge sealing is also an important aspect affecting the quality of kitchen cabinets. Generally speaking, machine edge sealing is much better than manual edge sealing and it is not easy to fall off and deform.

Among the materials used to make the kitchen cabinets countertops, stainless steel has the best performance in all aspects, but it requires careful maintenance, otherwise it is easy to leave scratches. Natural marble has good wear resistance, but it easily accumulates grease. Heavy blows and severe temperature changes can easily cause it to crack. Artificial stone is to some extent completely replace natural marble, it is also easier to take care of, and it can be seamlessly spliced. Quartz stone is the most cost-effective.

2. Process of cabinets

There are two types of edge sealers in the kitchen cabinet: straight edge banding machine and manual edge banding. The edge banding machine edge sealer is machine controlled, with even pressure and high precision. The manual edge sealing operation has a large error, the size and intensity cannot be accurately grasped, and many poor quality products are produced. High-quality cabinet edge is delicate, smooth, feel good, seal line straight and smooth, fine joints.

The assembly of cabinets requires that holes be drilled on the top of the panel before the panels and panels are connected by a link. If the hole size is not accurate, then the connection of the link is very likely to occur when the hole is not connected. Eventually, the two boards are forced to connect together, which greatly affects the stability of the entire cabinet. Sex. General professional manufacturers use 32-bit hole-discharging technology to complete the drilling of one plate at a time, mechanized operation, and high precision.

Pull open the kitchen cabinet door and look at the saw cut. If the plate is well-cut, the kerfs are in a neat position and there is no gap in the edge of the kerf.

3. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Because the doors of the cabinet often switch, the quality of the hinges becomes critical. If the hinges are of poor quality, the hinges of the kitchen cabinet doors will be damaged if they are opened or closed more often, causing the door panels to be deformed or even dropped. The quality of the hinge can be distinguished by observing the thickness of the hinge during the purchase. The metal of the high-quality hinge is thicker, firmer, and harder to be deformed, while the inferior hinge is generally thin and will be distorted and deformed in long-term stress.

If the slide of the drawer does not slide smoothly, and the load-bearing capacity of the guide rail is not enough, under the long-term use, the drawer cannot be pulled out. When buying a kitchen cabinet, we can pull a few drawers to feel the smoothness of the slide, or press the drawer hard to feel its load-bearing capacity.

4. Environmental kitchen cabinets

Some paints used in cabinets may contain formaldehyde, and smelling or touching them for a long time can cause harm to our bodies. Therefore, we should, as far as possible, let the seller issue a formal finished product environmental test report (finished product test report) when purchasing the kitchen cabinets.

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