Do you know the bathroom cabinet used everyday?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Every day we have to wash your face brushing teeth, it is bound to use the bathroom cabinet. As one of the protagonists of the bathroom, the function of the bathroom cabinet is the daily washing and countertops and storage of cleaning supplies. Do you understand bathroom every day? Today we come to reveal its little secret.

   Why is my home bathroom cabinet always gray?

   Daily use, the normal imaging of ordinary silver mirror and no problem. However, part of the family bathroom did not separate wet and dry, silver mirror easy to contact a lot of mist, then the effect of ordinary silver mirror to fog less than ideal, over the long run silver mirror is also easy to fall off and oxidation. A good bathroom cabinet must choose a good silver mirror, the Osman bathroom cabinet, the use of Pilkington super-white silver mirror, easy to fall flatness, 5 meters within the body without distortion, anti-fog, easy to oxidation.

   Why do I always have a bathroom pot ceramic sink dirt left?

   In use, due to the toilet glazed ceramic is not smooth enough, easy to hang ceramic pots, which also resulted in cleaning inconvenience. A good bathroom cabinet must be equipped with a good ceramic basin, Ousiman bathroom with three glazing, no pores, fine does not hang dirty, double glazed enamel high temperature porcelain firing water absorption of only 0.2%, can effectively prevent the dirt residue.


   Why is my bathroom always closed is not tight, but there is a larger sound?

   Bathroom cabinet door opening and closing sometimes too much effort, make a lot of noise, sometimes because of multiple opening and closing, the emergence of relaxation, the closure is not tight, and these problems are related to bathroom cabinet alloy fittings. Osman bathroom selection of high-quality handle, stainless steel with zinc alloy door hinge, high-grade stainless steel mute guide, adjustable cabinet mat, durable, easy to rust, feel lightweight when used, long life, close tightly.

   Why is my bathroom cabinet deformation cracking phenomenon?

   As the bathroom sometimes wet, sometimes dry, solid wood bathroom cabinet material prone to cracking and other issues. Material solid wood bathroom cabinet prone to cracking and other issues. Buy a good material bathroom cabinet is very important, Ousiman solid wood bathroom cabinet, after professional spray paint, 9 spray 5 times polished water, the cabinet smooth and pore-free, plate imported 3A plate, hard wood, no deformation cracking, and more Made a special waterproof treatment, from the root causes of moisture moisture corrosion. Finally, when the bathroom cabinet is under normal care, in a relatively dry winter, place a glass of water in the bathroom cabinet to prevent the bathroom cabinet from being too dry. In the summer when it is humid, pay attention to ventilating the bathroom and keep it basically dry surroundings

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