Different methods of kitchen countertop maintenance methods

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Natural stone is characterized by a large surface pores, so in the course of the use of any stains or moisture encountered, should be dealt with immediately, so as not to dirty into the stone kitchen countertops. Normal cleaning can only use the water or colorless neutral mild cleaning solvents, if the choice of acid or alkali products may cause damage to the kitchen countertops. Regular use of maintenance wax for maintenance, but also to maintain the natural stone kitchen countertop appearance texture of the necessary conditions.

Stainless steel kitchen countertops maintenance

Metal material is easy to clean and durable, usually with a dry soft cloth can be cleaned, but should pay attention to the soft cloth must be clean, and have to wipe along the direction of stainless steel wool, so as to avoid scratches. If you use water or detergent must also be a soft cloth to dry, so as not to cause unnecessary water marks. The appropriate use of 3M stainless steel activator and other professional product maintenance, more long-lasting stainless steel kitchen countertop glossy and texture uniform appearance.

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