Custom cabinet color how to match?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Modern people pay attention to the relationship between color matching and psychology, that some of the colors make people feel good, help to eat and digest. Therefore, the color of the kitchen cabinet is also a choice. Modern kitchen color design is quite bold, broke through a lot of traditional kitchen can not choose or taboo color. So how to choose the color of the kitchen cabinet is good? The following series will recommend several colors for everyone to choose from.

  • Black and white gray is today's fashionable fashion elements, of course, can be applied to the kitchen. Black and white gray, giving a peaceful, peaceful feeling, so get the love of many consumers. Black and white gray cabinets common but without losing personality, the kitchen as a whole looks very modern.

  • White is a classic eternal wild color, there is always a place in the home decoration. The white-toned kitchen gives the owner a pure, simple and elegant feel, perfect for a neat, quiet owner. This classic black and white contrast will never outdated. In addition, white and any color with the appropriate, so in the choice of other kitchen appliances or appliances, you can choose, will not conflict with the white kitchen.

  • Blue is the color of the ocean and sky, a symbol of romance and fantasy, giving a quiet and clear sense. Surrounded by the blue cabinets, you can relax the physical and mental fatigue for a day, relieve tension. The yellow cabinet with yellow even more eye-catching and fresh, lively yet dignified, pretty yet elegant. Light blue cabinetry, Cheng Jing, dark blue cabinets fashion, avant-garde.

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