Recessed Powder Room Towel Storage Bathroom Sink And Basin Cabinet

Recessed powder room towel storage bathroom sink and basin cabinet The use of a rare vertical bathroom cabinet to expand the space for accommodation, so that the entire bathroom has a unique flavor. The glass tray design on the washbasin separates the wet and dry surfaces and improves the life...

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Product Details

Recessed powder room towel storage bathroom sink and basin cabinet

The use of a rare vertical bathroom cabinet to expand the space for accommodation, so that the entire bathroom has a unique flavor. The glass tray design on the washbasin separates the wet and dry surfaces and improves the life of the washware.




Cabinet type

Chipboard with wood grain melamine opening storage shelves bathroom vanity cabinet

Door panel

18 mm particle board ( chipboard ) with wood grain melamine finish .

Cabinet box

16 mm chipboard or plywood boards with white and dark color melamine finish .

Door model

Flat door panel with PVC sealing edge


BLUM / DTC / other other hardware brand


20 mm white quartz stone countertop and backsplash .

Bathroom Accessories

White ceramic above counter basin .
Copper nickel plating high class bathroom faucet .
No frame sliver mirror with LED lighting .
Unique style SUS handle type .


Customzied unit - 1 set


Flat package or Assembly package which depends on customer

Production time

30-35 days for normal order

Delivery port

Shanghai Or Ningbo

Optional Items

Counter tops / Sink / Faucet / any other kitchen accessories etc .Which can be select from accessories catalog .

Warranty period

10 years after installation without man-made damage .

Payment terms

Small orders : 40% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .
Big orders :30% as deposit ,balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment .

After service

All things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .

Main Market

Oceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro


We offer whole house customized cabinet design which including kitchen cabinets , wardrobe , bathroom units , Linen , Storage units , Walk-in-robe , Wine racks ,TV units etc .

All bathroom design and dimension base on your house actual measurement data .

All cabinets design ,style and material can be the same and match to whole house decoration style .

Customized bathroom cabinet vanity details pictures






Besides standard bathroom cabinet units , we also can make any customized bathroom cabinets which can match to your whole house cabinet style , use the same material and design as your kitchen cabinet , wardrobe , Linen , Storage ,Walk in robe .All customized cabinet design can meet your any special request for home decoration .

More contemporary modern design for your reference ( Customized units )


More bathroom vanity models for your selection ( Standard Units )


Space is not how to design a big bathroom? How to put the bathroom cabinet? With the floating prices all the way, small apartment has become the first choice for everyone to buy. Huxing itself is small, bathroom decoration is more difficult. Small area and more features, how to make reasonable arrangements to make it comfortable and not feel narrow. Today we come together to learn and understand how to design small bathroom, bathroom bathroom cabinet design.

How to design a small bathroom

1, the color tone of the cold reflective strong, so the use of small units can feel the space is enlarged, and the bathroom furniture and accessories choose the same color and hard coat, the use of the same color of different colors while maintaining unity, Also increase the level of space.

2, lines from the wall has been extended to the ceiling of the vertical lines there is a bathroom to enhance the effect of space, which is easy way to build. Use vertical lines to give the illusion of the human eye rather than weakening the spatial scale.

3, cut off the application of the low partition will undoubtedly make the overall layout of the bathroom become flexible up. Wash area, toilet area can be flexible design, but also to ensure the overall lighting of the bathroom.

4, some grooves on the wall of the bathroom was originally set with grooves, you can draw on the use of local materials. Some toilets because of package pipes and ventilation, but also "turning waste into treasure," playing a groove. In the space and pattern allows the case, you can play this kind of similar groove, inward expansion of space. This expanded storage space, toiletries have a hiding place, it is still very convenient to use.

Small bathroom bathroom cabinet design

1, the wall design in the bathroom, there will inevitably have water, this section of the bathroom cabinet is suspended from the wall, not only to save space on the ground floor space without leaving a corner, the space is more simple, but also do not have to worry about the bathroom cabinet Will be wet.

2, Mirror cabinets, base cabinets, hanging cabinets, counter Although the size of sanitary ware in the bathroom is not large, but for example with a mirror cabinet or the base cabinet of the sanitary ware, but can be used in the bathroom trivial things such as facial cleanser, toothbrush cup, Swords and so cleverly hidden behind the mirror, but also other cleaning cycles can be slightly longer cleaning supplies, neatly stored in a small cabinet below the vanity. Coupled with the overall mirror design, you can stretch the feeling of doubling the space. You can also make use of space for the cabinet, cabinet can be placed sanitary paper, towels, paper towels, detergents and other hygiene products. According to the width of the wall to pick a vertical cabinet, stand by the wall, able to place a lot of toiletries.

3, storage area Washroom set up open storage area, can be independent, can also be connected with the bathroom cabinet design, you can always receive loose objects. Toilets around the place to be placed on a small racks or towel storage bar, easy to wash when hanging towels and other items. Small bathroom must make good use of the wall area, according to more space to install some open admission grid, incorporating a variety of toiletries.


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