American Style Solid Wood Narrow Bathroom Cabinets Vanities With Slim Storage And Mirror

American style solid wood narrow bathroom cabinets vanities with slim storage and mirror White railings bring you back to the Middle Ages in Europe, where the symmetrical design of bathroom cabinets is as rigorous as the European royal family. Wall-mounted cabinets to the top to put the whole...

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American style solid wood narrow bathroom cabinets vanities with slim storage and mirror

White railings bring you back to the Middle Ages in Europe, where the symmetrical design of bathroom cabinets is as rigorous as the European royal family. Wall-mounted cabinets to the top to put the whole family toiletries, the central hanging rod design can put a bathrobe and large towel, enjoy the good life.




Cabinet type

Classic American style oak white solid wood bathroom cabinet vanity

Door panel

18 mm oak white solid wood bathroom cabinet door panel .

Cabinet box

16 mm chipboard or plywood boards with white melamine finish .

Door model

Classic design door panel


BLUM / DTC / other other hardware brand


20 mm white quartz stone countertop and backsplash .

Bathroom Accessories

White ceramic above counter basin .
Copper nickel plating high class bathroom faucet .
No frame sliver mirror with LED lighting .


Customzied unit - 1 set


Flat package or Assembly package which depends on customer

Production time

30-35 days for normal order

Delivery port

Shanghai Or Ningbo

Optional Items

Counter tops / Sink / Faucet / any other kitchen accessories etc .Which can be select from accessories catalog .

Warranty period

10 years after installation without man-made damage .

Payment terms

Small orders : 40% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .
Big orders :30% as deposit ,balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment .

After service

All things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .

Main Market

Oceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro


We offer whole house customized cabinet design which including kitchen cabinets , wardrobe , bathroom units , Linen , Storage units , Walk-in-robe , Wine racks ,TV units etc .

All bathroom design and dimension base on your house actual measurement data .

All cabinets design ,style and material can be the same and match to whole house decoration style .

Customized bathroom cabinet vanity details pictures








Besides standard bathroom cabinet units , we also can make any customized bathroom cabinets which can match to your whole house cabinet style , use the same material and design as your kitchen cabinet , wardrobe , Linen , Storage ,Walk in robe .All customized cabinet design can meet your any special request for home decoration .

More contemporary modern design for your reference ( Customized units )


More bathroom vanity models for your selection ( Standard Units )


Bathroom cabinet material and selection

In the selection of solid wood bathroom cabinet, we must pay attention to whether the natural color, texture is clear.

Good solid wood panels look nice, clear texture, knot less scars, shiny, feels touch feel lubrication; If the panel surface color is thick, thick paint, it may be to cover the surface defects and made.

First, solid wood cabinets, divided into three main categories:

1, Integrated plate bathroom cabinet

Features: Processing of solid wood integrated sheet, the appearance of strong sense of solid wood, waterproof performance is good, easy processing.

Disadvantages: easy to appear between the stitching plate edge uneven seam cracking phenomenon and cabinet deformation; with formaldehyde.

2, Solid wood antique cabinet

Features: simple and elegant appearance

Disadvantages: limited by the size of solid wood panels, panels made of stitching panels, easy to crack deformation, poor water resistance, easy to breed bacteria. According to related understanding, now on the market top ten brands of bathroom cabinets Haigang blue antique cabinet: designers to neoclassical design concept, the tireless style of luxury, luxurious and noble European flavor and aristocratic quality into them. Baroque luxury, neoclassical mix and match, retro is the classic theme of bathroom space, interpretation of the elegant trend of life, is a popular bathroom by the vast number of consumers.

3, Oak cabinet

Features: Use more Malaysian or Thai oak, with high density, hard texture, moderate water content, clear texture, fewer knots, color Yanrun, with not easy to change, easy to pests, non-perishable, low formaldehyde emission characteristics.

Disadvantages: expensive. Most of the market with a variety of wooden cabinets filled with oak cabinets, consumers should be cautious to buy.

Second, PVC bathroom cabinet

Features: The basic non-absorbent material, no swelling, no deformation.

Disadvantages: a chemical plate, high formaldehyde content, the material is too soft, the door hinge joints easy to loose, poor resilience, fear of high temperature, easy to change color.

Third, the metal bathroom cabinet, mainly divided into three kinds

1, Stainless steel bathroom cabinet: multi-use 202,304 stainless steel sheet processing, stainless steel is the main component of nickel and chromium alloy, to distinguish whether the quality of stainless steel, one of the methods is to take the magnet to test, high-quality stainless steel magnet is very small, Can not be easily changed by the magnetite molecular arrangement, will not be like iron as magnet attraction can be sucked up is mixed with iron, which is rusty inferior stainless steel, the general corrosion resistance of stainless steel, strength, plastic relative Weak. Cheap. Stainless steel thickness should also pay attention. Selection of stainless steel must have strong chemical stability, sufficient strength and plasticity.

Advantages: Good stainless steel bathroom cabinet waterproof performance is good

Disadvantages: subject to material restrictions, cabinet thin, practicality is not strong.

2, Magnesium alloy bathroom cabinet: The most popular aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles, solid deformation, the surface of a special oxidation treatment, does not form a secondary oxidation, no color, 100% water-free 100% formaldehyde-free, cabinet function Priority, durability as the last.

3, Crystal plate bathroom cabinet (also called plexiglass)

Advantages: Crystal plate is a plastic sheet, also known as plexiglass, bendable, bright and smooth surface waterproof, with no fading.

Disadvantages: with formaldehyde, simple structure, poor practicability, easy to damage.


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